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The first EP from Stef Lebaux, a New York City based artist that moved to Los Angeles to write and record this album. Envisioned, Written, Recorded, Produced, and Mixed by Stef Lebaux, this album touches on issues of love, loss, strength and city life. Inspired by the edge and depth of 90’s Trip Hop, and the energy of the modern Electronic scene. Stef used ProTools as an instrument to create this striking and original auditory journey.

Recorded all over Los Angeles, CA including Catalina Studios, Stef Lebaux’s studio, The Jungle Room, and Francois’s Closet. Writing by Stef Lebaux and Jon LaTona. Production by Stef Lebaux and Steve Borden. Mastered by Steve Borden at Catalina Studios. Album Art by Stef Lebaux and Lu Tapuch with photography by Alan Lebow Productions.

Thank You’s

Thank you Dad, for challenging me and creating a reality in which it is possible for me to succeed. Mom for being the source of my comfort and creativity. Anya for being my standard for greatness.

Jon LaTona, your love, drive, kindness and bravery inspires me to greatness.

Steve Borden for your selfless teaching and time. The Borden family for my home away from home.

A special thank you to Francois Garcia, Stevie Notes, Lu Tapuch, Sara Barrios, Zamorah Figueroa, Miri Newman-Paul, Vicki Scotto.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Grandma Lee, Grandma Mary, Grandpa Anthony, Grandpa Harold, and Uncle Jerry.

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