“Like a mixologist of sound, she blends unique sounds together and pairs them with her hauntingly beautiful voice and clever lyrics.

Lisa Gomez (The Bronx Socialite Spotlight )



“Night time is the right time and when the lights are low the beats from Lebaux’s music will move you. Tracks like “Terrors” and “Lust Coma” provide addictive bass lines, beats and tight vocal work. It’s a pleasure to listen to this music because it gave me that 90’s trip hop feel and at one point I was reminded of Massive Attack and Tricky. Lebaux makes awesome tunes that lift the spirit and take you higher”

DJ O (musicbeatseverything)


“Singer, songwriter and audio engineer Stef Lebaux has lived in the East Bronx her whole life—except for a brief stint in the funky Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, where she wrote and recorded her first album, “Terrors”.”

Ruth Papazian

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